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10 Ways To Help Reduce High Blood Pressure

10 Ways To Help Reduce High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, increases your risk of heart attack, heart failure and sudden cardiac death. High blood pressure can also cause heart and kidney disease.
Jan 9th, 2019
5 Things to bring to your next DOT Physical Exam.


Here are few things you should know before your next DOT Physical Exam. Making sure you have everything your Dr. may request will greatly minimize your down time if you have any medical conditions that need attention.
Dec 11th, 2018
What is an executive physical?

What is an Executive Physical?

Executive physicals, typically include laboratory tests, chest x-rays, pulmonary function testing, audiograms, full body CAT scanning, EKG's, heart stress tests, vascular age tests, urinalysis, and mammograms or prostate exams depending on gender.
Nov 7th, 2018

Requirements for CPAP compliance

A DOT driver must show he/she is able to wear his/her machine > 4 hours per night at least 70% of the time. Usually a doctor can review the download and send a letter to your DOT physician stating you are compliant.
Oct 30th, 2018

FAA Medical Certificate Requirements

You need a medical certificate from an FAA-authorized aviation medical examiner before flying solo in an airplane, helicopter, gyro-plane, or airship.
Oct 23rd, 2018

7 Ways Sleep Apnea Can Hurt Your Health

Because sleep apnea affects your sleep, it also affects how you function during the day. Untreated sleep apnea can make it difficult for you to stay awake, to focus your eyes, to remain alert and to react quickly to driving situations. -
Oct 16th, 2018

Risk Factors of Sleep Apnea

Results show that patients with sleep apnea were nearly 2.5 times more likely to be the driver in a motor vehicle accident, compared with a control group of other drivers in the general population.
Oct 9th, 2018