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FAA Medical Exams Specialist

Jeffrey  S. Liva, MD, MPH, MS -  - Occupational Medicine Physician

Jeffrey S. Liva, MD, MPH, MS

Occupational Medicine Physician located in Paramus, NJ

Dr. Jeffrey Liva, a designated aviation medical examiner, offers Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) medical exams for pilots and other flight personnel living in the Bergen County, New Jersey, area. If you need to complete this exam in order to perform your flight duties, visit Dr. Liva for an examination.

FAA Medical Exams Q & A

How often are FAA medical exams required?

To obtain a pilot's license, an applicant must first pass an FAA-approved physical examination that declares they’re healthy enough to fly an airplane in United States air space. Depending on the type of license and the applicant's age, the medical examination certificate lasts anywhere from 6 months to 5 years. A commercial pilot over the age of 40 must have their certificate renewed every 6 months. However, a person under the age of 40 and applying for a recreational or private pilot's license may only have to be examined every 5 years.

Why would you fail an FAA exam?

A person fails an FAA medical exam if they’re diagnosed with epilepsy, angina, heart attack, bipolar disorder, or psychosis, just to name a few. Although an applicant may be initially denied, they may be given another look by the FAA, in which case the applicant would need to give evidence they do not have a disqualifying medical condition or apply for a waiver. Uncontrollable conditions provide cause for permanent disqualification.

What’s included in the medical standard requirements to be a pilot?

The main medical requirement for becoming a pilot is that the applicant is in good general health. A person needs 20/20 vision for 1st and 2nd class and 20/40 for 3rd class. In addition, a person shouldn’t have significant hearing loss. During a physical examination, Dr. Liva looks for any health condition that could potentially affect the applicant’s ability to maintain control of an aircraft. If he uncovers a controllable health condition, he gives the person the opportunity to obtain treatment and bring the condition under control. The applicant must maintain treatment to ensure the condition is controlled at all times if they expect to maintain their license.

What types of exams does the doctor offer?

Dr. Liva provides medical exams for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class pilot certification. Because of the strenuous criteria for the exam, Dr. Liva is one of the few examiners approved to perform the 1st Class Medical Exam, which permits a pilot to fly Airline Transport.

In addition to being one of the few examiners in the area authorized to provide 1st class medical exams, Dr. Liva is your designated FAA Aviation Medical Examiner for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class Pilots for airmen medical certificates. Dr. Liva is proud to have been granted special designation for Air Traffic Controllers and to perform HIMS Evaluations.

HIMS AMEs (Aviation Medical Examiner) have been specifically trained to evaluate airmen for substance- and alcohol-abuse as well as mental conditions. As a HIMS AME, Dr. Liva can provide sponsorship and monitoring for said conditions when required for FAA medical certifications.

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Dr. Jeffrey S. Liva, MD, MPH, MS accepts all major forms of insurance. If you do not see your insurance listed here, please call our office and confirm with our staff. We are happy to assist you.

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