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Benefits of On-Site Drug Screening

5 Benefits of drug testing your employees on site?

  1. Time: Testing on site allows for employees to spend around 10 to 15 minutes of their day getting tested instead of taking the time out of their workday.

  2. Time and money: Testing on site also eliminates travel time, expenses and liability!

  3. Testing in bulk: onsite testing also allows for all employees to be tested at once; bulk testing.

  4. Accurate results: By choosing onsite testing, results are accurate and up-to-date since employees are tested immediately and without an opportunity to acquire drug-free samples or wait for drugs and alcohol to naturally leave the body.

  5. Anytime, anywhere: Employee Screening Services can come to you and fulfill all testing needs at the employer’s convenience.

PreventivePLUS can provide a full-service DOT drug and alcohol testing program, serve as a 3rd party administrator (TPA) or simply conduct DOT approved tests at the work place or at our location in Bergen County at: One West Ridgewood Ave. Suite #G-4 Paramus, NJ 07652

Office: 201.444.3060

Call today for any questions regarding on site drug screening or any "Safety Sensitive" questions regarding the workplace. 



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