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Why Should Companies Test for Drugs?

Why Should Companies Test for Drugs?

Preventive PLUS provides a wide range of substance abuse programs and activities tailored to your unique work environment. Our programs are designed to consider a broad range of legal considerations, from handicap discrimination to invasion of privacy. Preventive PLUS will design, implement, and manage a comprehensive specimen collection and drug testing program that meets all Federal Requirements, including those of the Department of Transportation. Here are some considerations for drug screening

Pre-employment Tests:

Employers who conduct pre-employment tests make offers of employment contingent on a negative drug test result.  Pre-employment tests clearly decrease the chance of hiring a current substance abuser and they also discourage current users from seeking employment in Workplaces where pre-employment tests are done. 


Random Tests

Many employers confine random tests to employees occupying positions of safety or security sensitivity. Employees in such positions are selected for testing through a bone fide, random process. Random tests provide a deterrent to substance use and abuse because individuals have no way of knowing when testing will be conducted or whether they will be selected for testing.

Post-accident Tests

Employers who test following a serious accident or incident have a better chance at ruling out whether an employee's substance use or abuse caused or contributed to the accident. A post-accident test may still be a company mandate, even if the accident does not appear to be drug or alcohol-related. Such testing may be necessary for legal or insurance purposes.


Treatment Follow-up

Employees returning to work following treatment for substance abuse are often subject to a return to work agreement that calls for follow-up testing at specified or random intervals to ensure that the employee is continuing to refrain from substance abuse.


Reasonable Suspicion Tests 

Employers who test based on a reasonable suspicion that an employee is abusing substances typically rely on such evidence as direct observation of use or possession, physical symptoms of being under the influence or patterns of abnormal or erratic behavior.


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